Copper Meditation Pyramid

 Meditation/Healing Pyramid
*Patent Pending 2011

(Our King Sized Crystal/Copper Meditation Pyramid)


Copper Meditation Pyramid, in keeping with the ancient methods of measurement and construction, we hoped to have manifested a pyramid that will resonate with any of you who wish to use/incorporate a powerful tool for your own personal use or group meditations/healing/workshops/retreats...etc. Our wish is merely to make these available too as many people as possible and hope it inspires others to take more/new interest in meditational practices and the spiritual path. With the right heart and mind anything becomes possible, so we wish to help inspire others to take the time and begin to remember who you are.

Our regular sized Pyramid is designed using all Copper material to constrict the pyramid(all corners and top cap are specially customized and made to make your pyramid an all around convient tool, PLUS with the added Crystal holder beneath the Capstone, you may place your own personal crystal under the copper Capstone and really generate some cosmic/earthly energies. (The Ancients themselves made there capstones out of Copper and Sacred Quartz, the combination of the two was said to make for a generative energy like no other). So in keeping with the ancient spirit, we also designed a KIng Sized pyramid with a crystal/copper top connection. This we feel creates a combined energy that adds greatly to the experience. The option is yours, what will be more important is your willingness to let go and allow for yourself to enter into a meditative state.

We don't claim perfection with what we do, but all we do does come from the heart and with that we hope the end product reflects that. The pyramid is your tool and we made it so others could experience something new and ancient...in their own homes. If you'll notice as well, the corners are ideal spots for other crystals or whatever you'd like to use really. The tool is what we supply you with, from there you must take it upon yourself to utilize its potential. Meditation is a great help along the way, its benefits are endless...so quiet your mind, breathe and remember. Thanks for your time. 

For your interest...A few videos that may shed some light on Pyramids and their spiritual connection.
The Pyramid Code
(5 part series)




(Regular Sized) 
Copper Meditation Pyramid


*Close Ups*
Examples are made with 20 oz. Copper... they show the rounded edges for both safety and visual appeal


(4 inch Copper Connectors)

12 in. x 12 in. Copper Pyramid Top
Slides right over the Regular Sized Copper Pyramid...does not have fittings on the inside. A seperate piece you can add to your order or just purchase for your own personal use.


King Sized Crystal/Copper-top Meditation Pyramid
The King Sized Crystal/Copper Top Pyramid is our ultimate option available, its sizings are larger than the regular pyramid as so:

3/4 inch copper tubing
12x12 Crystal/Copper Top(fitted for the pyramid)
6 inch Corner Connectors

(Optional: Bed Legs up to 2 feet long.)


(Crystals will vary from Pyramid to Pyramid, though we ensure use of only the best ones we are capable of finding ourselves.
We will leave the option open for Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Rose Quartz or Obsidian pyramids)

(Our King Sized Crystal/Copper top Meditation Pyramid...for your bed. 
Optional Bed Legs... up to 2 ft.
extra 150.00 



"Small" Copper Meditation/Healing Pyramid

We also have a smaller version that you can use to charge your water, food, special and sacred items of your own...or whatever purpose you feel fit. Wherever you place it and however you use it, you'll feel its presence and effect. Its made just as the larger meditation pyramid, just simply in a smaller form. The copper connectors are the same size regardless of sizing of the pyramid, and are really the main pieces to the pyramid puzzle here. But we feel an all copper pyramid has greater energy potential and just vibes that much better ;)

      *Patent Pending 2011

***Rough sketch of the sizing and dimensions of the larger meditation pyramid...

Pricing and Ordering Information...

*4 Copper Corner Connectors and 1 Copper Top/Cap*

*Set of 4 Copper Corner Connectors and 1 Copper Top/Cap
$300.00 16 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)
$360.00 20 oz. (Plus shippin &handling)


King Sized Crystal/Copper-top Meditation Pyramid

$1,800.00 20 oz.
(Plus Shipping & Handling)
3/4 inch copper tubing
12x12 Copper Top/Crystal Capstone (fitted for the pyramid)
6 inch Corner Connectors

(Optional: Bed Legs up to 2 feet long.)

add $120.00

(Standard Sized)
*Copper Meditation Pyramid *

* Set of 4 Copper Corner Connectors and 1 Copper Top/Cap, Plus the 8 Copper bars(properly measured and cut) to complete the whole pyramid set-up.
Comes with 1/2 inch Copper tubing.
$500.00 16 oz.  (Plus shipping & handling)
20 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)
Made with 1/2 inch Copper Tubing
4 inch Copper Connector Corners

(***$130.00 additional for 3/4 inch tubing + fittings***)

*Pictured: copper fittings


*12 x 12 Copper Pyramid Top*

*Slides right over our Large Pyramid and Copper Top/Cap
note*(does not connect to copper tubing)...but can be used seperately as well.

16 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)
$230.00 20 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)


*Small Copper Pyramid*

* Set of 4 Copper Corner Connectors and 1 Copper Top/Cap, Plus the 8 Copper bars(properly measured and cut) to complete the whole pyramid set-up.
$340.00 16 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)
20 oz. (Plus shipping & handling)

Call or email with interest and specific orders you'd wish to place. We are as fair as we can be with our shipping prices and do ship outside the US. Ask and we'll configure your shipping price.

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